Monday, October 5, 2015

Customer Service Appreciation Week, Wii-Bowling, and getting a Flu shot

So my job is having customer service appreciation this week with food, sweets, and games. We started the day off well with bagels and donuts. I was bad and had a bagel this morning and a donut this afternoon (with chocolate icing and sprinkles). We are to have a wii-bowling tourney this week also-had to get my practice on. I did ok but I'll probably choke when it's time for me to play. Oh well that's life. I believe it's sweets tomorrow. Yummy. Ice cream on Wed, lunch on Thursday and jeans on Friday. Yippee!! Supposed to have awesome prizes raffled off as well. Today's guess the # of candy corn and candy pumpkins in a quart jar. Can't wait for the results of that. I guessed 105 pieces. Last year I guessed money in a jar and got that.
So about 2 weeks ago I got a really nasty stomach bug. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy of what I went through. I went through 4 pairs of underwear in one day. Thank God I do not wear thongs-that string wouldn't have held anything in. It was the worst, my stomach muscles would cramp and just when I would about to fall asleep, off to the toilet I would go. Next time I'm just going to stay awake and binge watch something on netflix. To which in deciding after that spectacle, I am breaking down and getting a flu shot. I know a flu shot doesn't protect against a stomach bug, but people at work have already been out because of it. It's different working conditions than before and I am no spring chicken either. I just can't handle throwing up with that hot mess I had before. I don't want to hurt either.
Finally getting down to some book business. So I started Go Set A Watchman today via audible with Reese Witherspoon narrating it. I love her sweet southern accent and she is a true Southern Lady. She bring Scouts' voice so well to life. I am only on Chapter 3, but I am loving it and especially after listening to Marja Mills The Mocking Bird Next Door earlier this year despite all the controversy. I look forward to thoughts and comments.

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