Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Archie Comics

So I am looking in one of my groups on www.goodreads.com Book Addicts and we have a list of 12 books that we want to read in 2014 as well as 4 alternates in case we get stuck. So I was looking at one person's list and someone had made the remark that their list looked like "Archie Comics" compared to this poster's list. I agree that majority of the time I feel I read stuff rather than enlightening books. But isn't it really to what we enjoy in reading that makes us happy? Why should we feel like we aren't reading the right material and who is it to say that it is the "right" material. I had a friend tell me that as she was going to college to become a writer that I read junk, mind you she read the same as I did before had. What gives you the right to decide that since you are to become a writer that I read junk? It still burns me up and that was years ago. If I didn't read junk I would have missed out on the Hunger Games and the Allegiant series too. Alas I'm listening to Emma on audio book. What a long audio, but I wanted to try "listening" to the classics a bit more and I am going to be better at attacking that 1001 Books to read before you Die list. I got that app on my i-pad. It's really nice and worth the money too.

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