Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Blues

Monday has started out fabulously. Dropped my bare mineral warmth makeup this morning and the bottom broke out of the container all over the floor. Had to vacuum that up. What a waste. Had to open a new container, thank goodness to my friend Ashley who had given me her un-opened one a while back. Then I get to work to talk to crazy people who want to talk my ear off. I'm not ready for that in the morning, but I'm the only one here today and tomorrow to take the calls so that's what I'll do. I just had to post this on my blog-see how good I am? I realized that I should be able to rant and rave if I want to about ordinary life. I started playing a game on my ipad last night that I think is going to be very addicting. It's called Hill Climber Racing.

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