Monday, March 7, 2016

Kindle Unlimited and Me

So for Cyber Monday (the Monday after Black Friday) amazon had their Kindle Unlimited on sale, so I got it for 2 years. I now have a kindle unlimited wishlist that I add books to every day. I have discovered some fantastic books on there also. My wish list is about 300 books. Now the question is when am I ever going to read them all? Amazon allows you to have 10 "borrowed" at at time and I have already met my quota there.

Now on to the books I have read so far with the service:

1. My Sister's Grave by Robert Dugoni, which with one of the kindle unlimited perks I was able to listen to the narration for this book. Loved the story and the characters and it is a series so I am currently reading the second book.

2. Kelly's Coffee Shop by Dianne Harmon, another series but a cozy mystery which helps keep my genres all nice and tidy.

3. A Shade of Vampire-Oh my what a series, little bit of Anne Rice with a little Twilight thrown in and you have a great vampire series (to which I could have killed myself after I found out how many there were).
4. A Shade of Blood-book 2 of the Shade of Vampire Series, um yeah it's a fast read have them lined up and ready to go. It's a permanent spot on the list.
5. A Castle of Sand-book 3 of the Shade of Vampire I need to say more??

6. The Christmas Letters by Lee Smith- a story written about a woman writing letters to her family back home about her life struggles. Quick and short read.

To currently reading on the list.....

7. A Shadow of Light-book 4

8. Her Final Breath by Robert Dugoni-book 2

9. Detective Jack Stratton Mystery by Christopher Greyson-a 3 book set having finished the first one and currently reading the second one.

10. Small Towns, Fairy Tales, and Nora Roberts Land by Ava Miles, I had already read Nora Roberts Land so I snatched the other two right up.

To those holding a spot until I am ready....

11. Grim Tidings by Amanda Lee and Norman Dixon
12. Shifters in the Snow-15 Paranormal stories
13. The Music Box by Andrea Kane
14. Christmas in Good Hope by Cindy Kirk
15. Murder at Jade Cove by Dianne Harmon- book 2.

Along with all the others that I read depending on what I feel like. On audio I am currently listening to S.E.C.R.E.T. by L. Marie Adeline borrowing from my public library with the synopsis of 50 shades meets Sylvia Day series. Oooh goody goody and I am liking it so far. And Yes another series.

So I wanted to make this blog a little bit about my kindle unlimited experience but hadn't had the time to sit down a write about it with all the insane reading I have done.

My Goodreads 2016 goal is 60 books, I have 11 under my belt.

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