Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wizard of Oz Broadway Show

So every year my sister and I pick which Broadway show we want to see for our birthday and then the other buys the tickets and chauffeurs the other around. So my pick was Wizard of Oz and that's where we went today. I LOVED IT. It was awesome how they did the scenes, for instance in the movie version it starts in black and white and then when Dorothy lands in OZ it's all color. Well in the production they were wearing white and brown. So the brown blended in very well with the rest of the scenery, so when the bright colors-neon blacklight colors in fact it just looked brighter in the OZ scene. Of course it didn't have all of the same songs from the movie and not all of the same scenes. But they did use a real live dog for Toto and that was great. It also was a very clean language show, so that works well for the kids. They do use strobe lights and smoke and I think I heard one kid cry during a Wizard scene. I finished my first book of the new year, 2% into my 50 books to read this year. It was Mary Mary by James Patterson. So it will fulfill at least one other challenge the Pike's Peak challenge I signed up for. Yay!

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