Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eat Pray Love Bead #5

The emotional wreckage of her marriage ending, 9/11 existing, and love on the rebound-well to put it honest is a big emotional train wreck of a mess.

What was she thinking I do not know, but I know one thing is very clear in this chapter, the woman didn't know how to love herself. I don't care how much you put into a relationship, if you are not comfortable with yourself, no one else is going to be.

I can be a sassy mouth person, sometimes doing it without knowing it. A true Southern girl that will snap that sweetness right out of your tea. And yet on rainy days I can curl up with my cat (at this point he's my cat) and go to sleep. I will listen to your every thought and give advice when needed whether you want it or not-that's just me. And I'm ok with it. I have to be, b/c ultimately I'm living with myself, I share my space with my family but only I can hear my own thoughts, thank the good Lord for that. Some things I have thought would curl your toes.

At any rate I am stopping at bead #5 tonight and will pick up later.

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