Thursday, December 30, 2010

One more day

It's sad that I'm waiting one more day for the new year to start so I can jump on this challenge.

I will share something I thought about tonight though. I got netflix over a year ago and I tell you it's great. Especially the instant tv. So I added a show that I had wanted to watch but never got to. The Dead Zone with Anthony Michael Hall (love him!). So I started watching it last night and wow I'm loving it!! It's a great show and the characters are great too. I don't know why I waited so long to watch it but I think there's always a reason for it. Like when you have a book on your TBR for so long it's gathered dust and you can't see the title anymore. Then one day you just pick it up and start to read. Crazy!!!


  1. My boyfriend got Netflix a while ago and when he's at work and I'm not reading, I'm usually watching some of the seasons of Bones or something :]

    Also, since we're friends on goodreads, I happened to notice, small freakin world, but we're both from the state of SC :D Pretty crazy isn't it?

  2. I've watched all I can instantly for Bones and I'm almost finished with Season 5 on dvd. So I've tivo'd all of this years episodes so I can't wait to catch up.

    I actually read the Kathy Reich's book series and had a hard time getting myself to commit to the series. So when we got Netflix that's what I started watching-among others things.

    I'm also watching the X-files (all 9 seasons!!!).

    I know us being from South Carolina-I'm in Woodruff.