Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bee Gees Mythology

So I'm listening to Bee Gees Mythology on zune. I love listening to the Bee Gees, call me weird but I do like disco music. I grew up on listening to not only classical music (although most of the time) my dad did have a collection of Abba. My sister and I took him to see the Broadway show Dancing Queen when it came to town and he enjoyed it very much. I like all types of music and my husband does to. He's into hardcore metal as well as the music of the decade of the 80s I seriously do not think music can get any better than the 80s.

I like new age too and some opera (Sarah Brightman, Charlotte Church, etc.) I like music that makes you feel, makes you think, tugs on your emotions, etc. Music can express life just as much as reading can.

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