Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sweet Valley High and Me

So I obtained the 12 book collection of the first books in Sweet Valley High series that I read many, many, moons ago. Some books you can read that will hold the test of time, these I'm not so sure. No cell phones, facebook, twitter, or snap chat mentioned in these books. Life lessons still the same I suppose.

Now mind you I've only finished my second book and in each of my reviews I stated how I hate Jessica but still love Elizabeth. I somehow forgot the brother Steven though. I still love the old covers and I'm amazed at how many books were written in the series and how Francine Pascal just continues the story of the twins. I will say that I don't think I got very far in the series, just not sure yet. Been way to long to remember.

They are short reads that I can get done in usually a day. I can't really call it brain candy, it's not along the lines of brain candy to me.

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