Sunday, November 27, 2016

Grim Discovery (Aisling Grimlock, #3) by Amanda M. Lee

Aisling Grimlock’s life is a mess.
Her mother might be back from the dead.
Wraiths appear to be after her again.
Her father is definitely up to something.
Michigan’s most calamity-prone grim reaper is in a pickle, and the only one she can trust with a haunting secret is her boyfriend Griffin.
Aisling is determined to find answers before she unloads a heavy dose of truth on her family, but when things become dangerous, Aisling’s life is in jeopardy … again.
The wraiths are back and on the move, and their primary goal appears to be getting their hands on Aisling. They’ve enlisted other supernatural help this time, and when gargoyles literally start dropping from the sky Aisling has no choice but to be honest.
The Grimlocks are at a crossroad. The only thing they know for certain is that they will fight together to make sure they don’t die alone.

I am so glad I found this series, I love Aisling's character and the crazy things she gets herself into. Of course she is faced with a very serious situation and not exactly sure how to deal with it. She can't keep it all bottled up inside although she attempts to. With the help of her family and friends she able to get past her secret and find out what is really going on about why someone is after her.

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