Monday, February 6, 2012

Rules of Surrender by Christina Dodd

Book 1 of the Governess Series:

In 1839 England, the newly formed Distinguished Academy of Governesses is a daring venture. Three young ladies--wellborn, beautiful, and poor--have decided to take destiny into their own hands and carve a societal niche as governesses. The Academy's first client employs Lady Charlotte Dalrumple to teach her untrained grandchildren the rules of proper English society. It isn't until Charlotte meets the children that she realizes she's also been hired to re-train their father, who left England at 15 for a life of adventure among the Bedouins of the Far East. Once she meets the handsome Viscount Wynter Ruskin, it becomes instantly apparent to Charlotte why his mother feels he needs instruction in manners--the viscount seems determined to shock her at every turn.

Wynter accepts his mother's edict that he pay heed to Charlotte's lessons in decorum, but only because he has plans for the lovely young woman. He needs a wife and Charlotte fills his requirements perfectly. But while Wynter is tutoring her in the art of seduction, Charlotte just might teach the stubborn viscount more about women and his heart than he'd planned to learn.

I loved it! My first book by Christina Dodd and what a great series to pick up.

The Governess Academy has just started business with 3 lovely ladies. First up is Lady Charlotte Dalrumple who is prim and proper but not only must take on two unruly children but the father too! Returned from the Far East not only do the children not understand English society the father Wynter seems to have forgotten it entirely.

The book is funny and clearly romantic. Sometimes you just want to punch them both out, but in the end all comes together.

This is #7 of the 2012 Book Series Challenge-book 1

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